A Hoglets play by Gemma Curry.

A magical play about swashbuckling pirates, flying ships, shooting stars and what happens when you can’t sleep?

On his first night in a new house, a young boy called Bear faces his fears, heads through his creepy cupboard door and discovers an incredible adventure on the other side.

Hoglets Theatre presents this magical tale of swashbuckling pirates, flying ships and shooting stars, adapted from an original story by Gemma Sharp.

Brought to life through larger-than-life characters, action, song and immersive storytelling, The Sleep Pirates is an imagination-firing treat for babies, toddlers and infants.

Aimed at children aged 3-7 years old

Running time: approx 30 minutes. 

Written by Gemma Curry
Devised and developed with Rachel Watkinson, Matt Pattison and Andy Curry.
Costume by Julia Smith.