Hoglets produces original plays designed specifically for early years to primary aged children.

We aim to produce experiences that will engage, surprise and delight growing little minds. Filled with songs, action, comedy and adventure; Hoglets plays want to send our young audience back out into the world humming the songs, thrilled by the stories and fired up to create wonderful plays of their very own.

We perform at theatres, festivals, schools, nursery groups, libraries, halls, rooms, hen-houses, out-houses, dog-houses… anywhere there is an audience – we’ll scale and adapt our performances for the audience and space.

Have you ever wondered why when the Moon is full, the shadow of a Hare is cast across its face? When a stranger wanders into the woods all the animals try to help them. But Hare has no gift to give. How far will she go to make another happy?

Hoglets Theatre will take you on a magical journey, exploring the true meaning of kindness using interactive storytelling, puppetry and live music.

Based on the Norwegian folk story East of the Sun and West of the moon, this beautiful tale has been lovingly rewritten to become a magical storytelling experience.
Using live music, puppetry and interactive storytelling Hoglets theatre will beam this tale of kindness, magic and love overcoming adversity, live directly into your classroom or home.

The Sleep Pirates

A magical play about swashbuckling pirates, flying ships, shooting stars and what happens when you can’t sleep.

On his first night in a new house, a young boy called Bear faces his fears, heads through his creepy cupboard door and discovers an incredible adventure on the other side.

Sea Storm in a Teacup

A new Hoglets play by Gemma Curry.

A mermaid is an amazing gift for a young girl. But what do you do when it just won’t stop growing?
A chance meeting, an act of kindness and an unusual present lead a lonely young girl on the most unexpected journey.

This new play by Gemma Curry (The Sleep Pirates) will take you on an epic adventure of mystery, magic and mermaids.

Hoglets Theatre presents an interactive, fun and larger-than-life production, based on Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

Expect wild characters, raucous singalong songs, puppets, stunts, and some frankly ridiculous disco dancing! 

Get yourselves down to the forest – it’s all kicking off!

Hoglets Theatre presents a deliciously dark, hilarious and imaginative new production, turning classic fairy tales on their heads, stealing what falls out of their pockets and running off into the forest laughing.

Expect wild characters, fantastical puppets, live music and a totally different look at some very familiar baddies.

Come on An Enchanted Midwinter Wander, an evening lantern walk enveloped in promenade storytelling, shadow theatre and natural crafts.

This exciting collaboration twins Wild Things’ award-winning forest school and natural crafts with Hoglets’ critically acclaimed children’s theatre to create a Magical Midwinter evening.