Mama Hoglet's miles for mental health

Mama Hoglet’s miles for mental health

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January is the first month of #mamahogletsmilesformentalhealth.

This is a year-long set of running challenges I’ve set myself to raise money for local mental health charities. These challenges will include races, half marathons, my first marathon and a virtual race to run 1000km by December 31st 2019, all to raise much-needed money for mental health resources in the area.

This month I’m taking part in #runeverydayjanuary2019 – the challenge is to run every single day in January and a virtual race to run 100 miles this month too. I’m over halfway through – and starting wonder if I’ve not made a terrible mistake – but I will plough on! 🙂

If you want to donate anything to our goal, there’s a JustGiving page set up here:

And anyone who wants to follow my crazy antics on Instagram can do so here >

Hopefully, we can raise some much-needed funds for such a very important cause that affects so many of us.

So here goes it’s going to be a scary/exciting year.