Hoglets Craft: Make your own STICKMAN!

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This week in Hoglets we performed Stickman complete with our lovely Stickman puppet. Here’s how to make a (slightly easier) version at home.
To make your Stickman you will need: 

  • A Toilet Roll
  • A pair of scissors
  • A piece of coloured paper 
  • Some felt tip pens 
  • Some glue
  • 2 Googly eyes
  • A craft stick / match stick
  • A lollipop stick
  • And some sellotape 

How to make your Stickman

1.First using the pens decorate your toilet roll, this will form your stickman’s Body.

2. Stick on your two Googly eyes, then using the scissors poke a small hole where you want your nose to be. Push your craft stick carefully into the hole. You can then decide how long you want your Stickman’s nose.
3. Take you coloured paper and cut it into 4 strips 2 thick for the legs 2 thinner for the arms. Concertina fold these like a fan and stick them on.
4. Finally, create a controller for your Puppet. Take the lol stick and using the sellotape fix it to the bottom of the toilet roll on the inside.
And now you’re ready to perform your own Stickman show for your family and friends.
Mama Hoglet. X