Make your own WOW Owl lantern

Hoglets Craft: Make your own Owl Lantern!

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Last week in Hoglets we performed a shadow puppet show of one of our favourites – WOW! SAID THE OWL
To guide our own way home in the dark, we created these beautiful owl lanterns – they’re so simple and look lovely hung up around your little one’s room.
For anyone who missed it – here’s how to do it at home.
You will need: 
  • A piece of Paper
  • A Pair of Scissors
  • Some Felt-tip Pens
  • A Glue Stick 
  • And a Pair of Googly Eyes

How to make your Owl Lantern

1. Fold the piece of paper in half and cut along the fold.

2. Take one of the halves of paper and colour it in. This will be your owl’s body.
3. Fold your coloured piece of paper in half horizontally. Taking the scissors cut a number of slits into the paper, make sure you leave roughly half an inch uncut at the edge.
4. Unfold the paper and roll it into a cylinder and stick it in place with the glue.
5. Take the other half of the paper and cut a strip of paper off the edge. This will be the Lanterns handle. Colour in the handle then stick both sides of the strip to the inside of the top of your Owl’s body.
6. On the remaining paper draw two large circles for the eyes, a small triangle for the beak, and a pair of Owl claws. Colour them in, cut them out and stick them onto your lantern.
7. Finally, stick your two googly eyes onto your eye circles and Wow your Owl is complete
Mama Hoglet. X