Hoglets Craft: Make an Elephant Mask!

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This week in Hoglets the class was based around the story ‘Elmer’.
So what better to continue the fun with your own elephant mask. 

To make your Elephant you will need: 

  1. A paper plate
  2. Two different coloured sheets of paper
  3. Some glue
  4. A pair of scissors
  5. A split pin/fastening pin
  6. A large lollipop stick
  7. A roll of sellotape

How to make your Elephant

1.  Taking the scissors cut two sections out of the rim of the plate. One at the top and one at the bottom, so the plate looks like an old fashioned sweetie shape. Then cut two eye holes towards the top of the plate.

2. Take the removed sections of the plate and arrange them into an “S” shape. Secure them together with sellotape.
3. Rip or cut you two sheets of coloured paper into small squares. Then glue the squares into your elephant making sure you completely cover the face and then the trunk. 
5. Push your split pin into the top of your trunk.  Then decide where on your face your trunk should go and push the pin through your mask to attach the trunk. Turn the mask over and fold back the sections of the pin loosely to ensure the trunk is attached but still able to move. 
6. Whilst your mask is still face down sellotape the lollipop stick to one side of the back of the mask. Now you can hold it up to your face masquerade style. 
And now you’re done you can get out there and have some jungle fun! 
Mama Hoglet. X