Hoglets Craft: Make an alien headdress!

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We’ve been alien crazy this week in Hoglets – so join in the fun at home with this great alien headdress craft!
Here’s how to do it at home.
You will need: 
  • 2-3 Different pieces of coloured paper
  • 3 Pipe cleaners 
  • Some googly eyes
  • Some strong glue
  • Some sellotape
  • A pair of scissors

How to make your Alien Headdress

1. Take one of the pieces of coloured paper and cut it into thick strips. Join two of the strips together and then wrap it around your head. Cut off any excess paper and secure into a band using sellotape.
2. Decide how many eyes you want your headdress to have (mine had 4).
However many eyes you choose,  using the same coloured paper as the band cut out the same number of circles. Then take another sheet of coloured paper and cut out the same number of circles, but smaller this time. Stick the smaller circles to the centre of the larger circles and then stick googly eyes to the centre of each of the smaller circles.
3. Take your pipe cleaners and stick one to the back of each of the eyes, apart from one. Then secure your eyes to the band by sticking the bottom of each pipe cleaner to the inside of the band with sellotape. 
4. Using a different coloured paper draw a circle bigger than your remaining eye, cut it out and stick the eye to it. Then stick this onto the centre of your headband.
There you have it – your very own Spooky Alien Headdress, perfect for disguising yourself on dangers space adventures.