Hoglets craft - make a toilet roll alien

Hoglets Craft: Make a wibbly Alien!

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This week in Hoglets we had an amazing time exploring new planets with the hilarious ALIEN’S LOVE UNDERPANTS!
You can make your very own wibbly, pants-loving aliens at home with this easy craft.
You will need: 
  • A Toilet Roll
  • Some Felt Tip Pens
  • 2 Pipe Cleaners
  • Some Googly Eyes
  • A Pair of Scissors.

How to make your Alien

  1. Using your felt tip pens, colour in your toilet roll however you want. Don’t forget to leave a space to give the Alien a face.
  2. Stick on as many Googly eyes as you want, I’ve gone for one, but your Alien can have as many as you feel. Then draw on other features, eyelashes, noses mouths, ears.
  3. Take your scissors and shape the top of your toilet roll. You can make it wobbly, bumpy, spikey, wanted the choice is yours.
  4. Make our holes in your toilet roll, or the arms and legs. Thread your pipe cleaners through the holes, twist them around your finger to create a spring-like shape. This will secure your limbs in place.
There you go – your own inter-galactic Buddy, and remember if they ever go missing, take a look in your pants draw!
Mama Hoglet. X