Hoglets craft - Make a superhero wristband

Hoglets craft: Make a superhero wondercuff

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How to Make a Superhero Wonder cuff.

You will need: 

  • A  toilet roll
  • A length of ribbon or string
  • Felt-tip pens
  • Scissors
  • A hole-punch  (not essential you can get your big person to make the holes with scissors)

How to make your Superhero Wondercuff

1. Take the scissors and cut the toilet roll open lengthwise and then shape one end of your flattened toilet roll into a triangle. Either using the hole-punch or scissors punch 4 holes, 2 on each side of your flattened toile roll, one on the top and one on the bottom.

2. Take your pens and decorate your flattened toilet roll. Have a good think about what superpowers you would have or what kind of Superhero you would be an incorporate this into your design. The more colourful your cuff, the stronger your powers will be.
3. Take your ribbon/ string and thread it through the holes in your cuff, lacing it up like a shoe. Put the cuff on and tie up your lace to make sure it won’t fall off mid-flight and you’re ready to save the world!
Mama Hoglet. X