Hoglets craft: make a storytelling fish

Hoglets craft: make a storytelling fish!

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To go along with our TIDDLER class – we showed you this amazing Storytelling Fish craft
Here’s how to do it at home.
You will need: 
  • A price of cardboard
  • A piece of paper
  • Some felt-tip pens
  • A glue stick
  • A cupcake case
  • A googly eye
  • Two sticks/barbeque skewers

How to make your Storytelling Fish

  1. On your piece of cardboard draw a circle, on one side of the circle add a pair of lips, then cut it out. This will be your fish’s head and bottom.

  2. Colour in your circle and then cut it into two. Two-thirds of the circle for the head (the side the lips are on, and the remaining third as it’s bottom.

  3. Take your piece of paper and cut it down so it is as wide as the fish’s head and bottom. On this piece of paper draw your story, it could be anything you want.

  4. Once you’ve finished drawing your story the concertina fold it and stick one end to the Fish’s head the other to the tail. 

  5. To make the Fish’s fin and tail your cupcake case and flatten it out. Colour your cupcake case then cut it in half. Fold one half in half again and stick it to the bottom as the tail.  Cut the second half in half and then fold it in two, stick it onto the fishes head as the fin. Then stick on your googly eye to finish.

  6. Finally, flip your fish over and stick your sticks to the fish, one to each end. Then you are free to start telling your fishy tails…sorry…tales.
Mama Hoglet. X