Hoglets Craft: Make a Shark Puppet

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Here’s how to do it at home.
You will need: 
  • A toilet roll
  • Some blue/grey/coloured paper
  • 2 barbeque skewers
  • 2 googly eyes
  • A sheet of white card
  • Some glue 
  • Some sellotape
  • A pair of scissors

How to make your Shark Puppet:

1. Cut a third of the length from the toilet roll and then cut in a mouth. Round off the top to make the nose and the bottom to make the lower jaw.

2. Cover the toilet roll completely in  glue then cover it in coloured paper. When the glue is dry cut off and excess paper.
3. Cut a small strip of the white card and then cut a zig-zag into the strip to make teeth. Leave some room at the bottom of the strip to fold over and make a tab. Glue your teeth to the top of your jaw, I would also recommend fixing the tab into the mouth with sellotape from the back of the sharks head. Now repeat this for the bottom jaw. Now stick on your googly eyes, one on each side of the head.
4. Very carefully push one of your barbecue skewers into the bottom of the Shark’s head towards the back. Secure from the inside with sellotape
5. Cut two long strips of your coloured paper, about as wide as the toilet roll. Stick the two strips together at one end at a right angle to each other. then fold one strip over another and keep repeating this until both strips are intertwined. Then secure together at again at the other end.  Secure one end of this paper spring into the back of the shark’s head.
6. On your card draw and cut out a shark’s tail with a small tab, then cover it with glue and cover it on both sides with the coloured paper. Stick the second barbecue skewer to the tab and then stick the tab to the other end of the paper spring.
7. Finally, draw and cut out a shark’s dorsal fin with two tabs at the bottom and cover this in coloured paper on both sides. Using sellotape stick the fin to the top of the puppet in the middle of the paper spring, and there you have it your own Shark Puppet, be careful now that it doesn’t bite! 
Mama Hoglet. X