Hoglets craft: Make a scarecrow puppet

Hoglets Craft: Make a scarecrow puppet!

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We love the story of The Scarecrow’s Wedding by Julia Donaldson. To celebrate this wonderful day, we’ve made a fab little scarecrow puppet – and you can make one yourself at home!
You will need: 
  • A toilet Roll
  • Two pieces of different coloured paper
  • Some strong glue
  • Some string
  • A cupcake case
  • Some Felt-tip pens
  • Googly eyes 
  • A lollipop stick.

How to make your Scarecrow puppet

  1. Take both pieces of the coloured paper ut a stop about a 3rd of the length of the toilet roll. Leaving the top 3rd of the toilet roll blank for your Scarecrow’s face, glue one the two strips of paper to the toilet roll. The first strip will form your Scarecrow’s Top and the second their trousers/skirt.

  2. Using the same colour paper as you used for the top, cut two thinner strips for the arms. Concertina fold both strips to make them bouncing and stick them to the body where you want your arms to be.

  3. Next, take your string and cut it into short lengths, this will be your straw hair. Glue around the rim and the edge of the top of the toilet roll and stick on the string. Hold it down firmly until it is secure.

  4. With your felt tip pens draw on your scarecrow’s face. This is the time to stick on googly eyes if you have them, don’t worry just draw on your eyes if not.

  5. Flatten out your cupcake case with the palm of your hand to make your scarecrow’s hat. Holding the hair down firmly cover the top of the hair and any uncovered toilet roll rim with glue and stick your hat down. You can then fold it, scrunch it, crease it however you want it to look.

  6. Use your imagination to decorate your scarecrow further, I’ve glued on scraps of paper to look like patches in his clothes but you could add flowers, sequins, beads, you could colour in the hat before you stick it on if you want to.

  7. Finally, glue your lollipop stick to the inside of the bottom of your scarecrow and hold it firmly till its secure, you can reinforce it with sellotape for extra strength if you want. This will be your puppets controller, all you have to do now is bring your Scarecrow to life. 
Mama Hoglet. X