Hoglets craft: Make a pineapple puppet!

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We’re having a KITCHEN DISCO this week – and everyone’s invited! Join in yourself with this fantastic Pineapple Puppet!
Here’s how to make it at home.
You will need: 
  • 2 Sheets of A4 card or equivalent sized scrap card.
  • Some felt tip pens 
  • A pair of scissors 
  • Two googly eyes.

How to make your Pineapple Puppet

  1. Take one of your pieces of card and fold it over horizontally into a third, then glue it in place and leave it to dry.

  2. Once it’s dried and stuck securely colour in the folded strip on one side. Then fold the strip in half making sure that the coloured side is on the inside. The fold both halves back on themselves to create a zig-zag to create the Pineapple’s body. Don’t forget to draw a mouth in the middle of the strip.

  3. On the other piece of card draw the top and bottom of a Pineapple each with a tab drawn on so it can be attached to the strip. Colour in the Pineapple’s top and bottom, then stick on the googly eyes.

  4. Stick on the Pineapple’s head and bottom chin. Then you are ready for your Kitchen Disco!
Mama Hoglet. X