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Hoglets Craft: Make a pair of Binoculars

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Last week in Hoglets we all made some amazing binoculars to aid with hinting of bear, lions, tigers… creatures of all kinds!
For anyone who missed it – here’s how to do it at home.
To make your Binoculars you will need: 

  • 2 Toilet Rolls
  • Some Felt Tip Pens 
  • A Roll of Sellotape

How to make your Binoculars

STEP 1. Using the Felt-Tip Pens colour in the two toilet rolls.  Have a think about what you want to see through your binoculars, Bears, Sea Creatures or Gruffalos, let your imagination run wild and draw them on the outside of your toilet rolls.

STEP 2. Taking the sellotape, secure the two rolls together at the top and the bottom.
And there you go a pair of binoculars to take along with you on your adventures.
Mama Hoglet. X