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Hoglets Craft: Make a magic wand!

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In our recent ‘Room on the Broom’ class, we made magic wands to take on our adventures. The children were asked to make a wand which felt best for them) and were asked to bear in mind what kind of magic they wanted to perform, whilst choosing the colour of feathers, beads, pipe cleaners and pom-poms.

This was a lovely craft which incorporated the use of imagination, freedom of choice and fine motor skills.

To make your magic wand you will need 

1. A stick, a piece of willow or a lollipop stick
2. Three pipe cleaners
3. A Feather
4. Some Beads and Pom Poms
5. Some Sellotape

How to make your wand

1. Take the feather and using a small strip of Sellotape secure it to the top of your stick.

2. Next, take one of the pipe cleaners and thread the beads along it. This is a great exercise for little folks to work on their fine motor skills.

3. Starting at the top, wind the bead covered pipe cleaner around the wand.

4. Take another pipe cleaner and attach the pom poms to it, by pinching the pipe cleaner around each one and twisting it around to make sure it’s secure.

5. Starting at the top again wind the pom-pom covered pipe cleaner around the wand in the opposite direction to the previous one.

6. Finally, wrap the 3rd pipe cleaner around the bottom of the wand to create a nice comfortable grip.

TaDa! You’re very own magic wand! Now start casting those spells! Hogletiamus!