Hoglets Craft: Make a Gruffalo headdress!

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How to make your own Gruffalo Headdress

You will need:

  • A piece of brown paper
  • A piece of orange paper
  • A piece of white card
  • A small piece of green paper
  • A pair of scissors
  • A glue stick
  • A roll of sellotape
  • And a black marker pen 

1. Take your scissors and cut your brown paper in half lengthways. Secure two ends of each paper together with the sellotape. Take your new length of brown paper and wrap it around your head. Take the sellotape again and secure the paper into a ring shape that fits comfortably around your head.

2. Using the black marker pen draw two large circles on your orange paper then cut them out. These are your orange eyes, also add two big black pupils into the middle of the circles with your pen. Now glue these to Gruffalo headdress. 

3. Now take the piece of white card and draw two large horns, two terrible tusks and some terrible teeth. Cut these out. Secure the horns to the top of the headband on the inside with some sellotape and clue on the terrible tusks and teeth the bottom of the headdress. 

4. Finally, take your small piece of green paper and screw it up into a tiny ball and glue this onto the centre of the headband for the poisonous wart at the end of his nose.

5. You now have your very own Gruffalo headdress to wear whilst walking through the deep dark woods. But be careful to avoid that Big, Bad Mouse. x