Hoglets craft - make an awesome Gruffalo Christmas decoration

Hoglets craft: make an awesome Gruffalo Christmas decoration!

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This week in Hoglets we had an adventure in the deep, dark wood with THE GRUFFALO’S CHILD!
Because it’s Christ-month here at Hoglets, we thought it best to make a lovely Gruffalo Christmas decoration for you to hang on your tree. Here’s how to do it at home.
You will need: 
  • Some brown corrugated cardboard / brown card
  • A pipe cleaner or string
  • Some felt-tip pens
  • A pair of Scissors
  • Some googly eyes or orange paper
  • Some strong glue
  • Something green a bead, an old button, or some scrunched-up green paper
  • A pencil
  • A sheet of white cardboard or white paper

How to make your Gruffalo decoration

  1. Take your brown cardboard and draw the shape of a Gruffalo’s head shape, it’s a bit like a rounded-off triangle with ears. Cut out your head shape and then draw around it again without the ears and cut out. Take the second shape you have cut out and cut it in half rounding-off the corners.

  2. On your piece of white card draw two horn shapes connected at the bottom, cut these out and glue them to the back of your Gruffalo’s head at the top.

  3. Take your pipe cleaner or length of string and twist into a loop, then glue the loop onto the back of your Gruffalo’s head at the top between the Gruffalo’s horns

  4. Take the top part of the second Gruffalo head you cut out of brown card and glue it to the top of your decorations head to secure the horns and your loop.

  5. Take the remaining brown cardboard shape, this will be your Gruffalo’s nose and mouth. Place this shape onto your white card and draw around the curve at the bottom. On the curve, you have drawn now draw some terrible teeth and some terrible tusks. Cut these out and stick them to the bottom of your nose shape.

  6. Using a brown felt-tip pen draw a nose shape onto your nose piece. Then stick on your poisonous wart (Green bead, button, scrunched up green paper).
    Now stick your nose piece onto the Gruffalo’s head.

  7. It is well known that the Gruffalo has orange eyes so what I did was, I took some normal googly eyes and coloured them orange with a permanent marker. But you can draw some eyes on Orange paper r on your white card and colour them orange. Now stick your eyes on.

  8. Finally using your coloured pens draw on extra details like eyebrows, whiskers, the inside of the ears. Now your Gruffalo is ready to hang on your tree. Have fun turning your Christmas tree into your very own Deep, Dark Wood.
Mama Hoglet. X