Hoglets craft - Make a frog headdress

Hoglets Craft: Make a frog headdress

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This week in Hoglets we performed the hilarious OI FROG!
Become a rhyme and seating obsessed frog yourself by creating a frog headdress. You could even try and do a cat version too. Don’t forget to show us what you make – either send us an email or share on our Facebook
You will need: 
  • A paper plate
  • A piece of A4 card or paper
  • Felt pens
  • A Glue stick
  • Sellotape
  • A Pair of Scissors

How to make your Frog Headdress

1. Take your Scissors and shape your paper plate. Cut out two humps for the eyes, two long sideways lumps for the cheeks and in between them a small lump for a nose. Your frogs face should be roughly the size of half of your paper plate and resemble an upside-down butterfly.

2. Take your felt pens and decorate your frog face, you can make it as colourful and elaborate as you want. It’s your frog and can look however you want it to.
3. With some of the leftover paper plate draw two large eyes, cut them out and stick them onto your frog face.
4. Take your paper or card and cut out two thick horizontal strips the length of the sheet. Using your sellotape attach one to each side of the back of the frog face for your straps
5. Cut another smaller and thinner strip of paper/card for the tongue, colour both sides with your pens the colour if your choice. Take your scissors and using one blade curl the tongue. Now draw a small insect, a fly or a bug or a butterfly and cut it out. Stick the insect to one end of the tongue and stick the other end of the tongue to the back of the frog’s nose.
6. Finally, put the frog face to your head and measure your straps to fit your head. Once you’ve found out how long each side needs to be, trim the straps and attach them together and secure the band with lots and lots of sellotape. All that is left to do is put it on your head.
Oi Frog! You look great and don’t worry you can sit anywhere you like!
Mama Hoglet. X