Hoglets Craft: Make a fancy crown!

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A crown can be so many things depending on what you want to play. Is it yours? Are you queen of the Mermaids? Is it buried treasure? Is it made of bones and are you the dino-king? Choice is yours!

You will need: 
  • A Paper Plate

  • A Pair of Scissors

  • Some Felt-Tip Pens and decorating materials

How to make your Crown

1. Leaving the outer ring of the plate intact, take your scissors and cut a zig-zag all around the centre to create a ring of spikes.

2. Using your felt pens, colour in your crown. You can turn it into pirate treasure by drawing sparkling jewels.

3. Fold the spikes upwards to create a crown.

4. Add shells to make it into a mermaid crown or flowers for a fairy’s. Jewels and stars make a great buried treasure crown.

And if your crown is for the king of the dinos try decorating it with sharp teeth or stegosaurus plates.

Mama Hoglet. X