Hoglets Craft: Make a Dragon glider!

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Last week in Hoglets we met Maud & Mouse and joined them on a beautiful journey of self discovery in the story “The Night Dragon”
So we could join their sunset flight we made our own Paper Plate Dragon. This is how we did it.

To make your Dragon you will need: 

  1. A paper plate
  2. Some felt-tip pens, pencils or crayons for colouring
  3. A pair of Scissors
  4. And a glue stick

How to make your Dragon

1. First of all fold your paper plate in half.  Then on one side draw the shape of a sausage like body and some large Dragon wings. Using your scissors cut this out.

2. On some of the unused paper plate draw a Dragons head and tail. Then cut these out too.

3. Take your pens and colour everything as brightly as you can, both sides. Don’t forget to give your Dragon eyes and a mouth (you can use googly eyes if you want to!)

4. Fold back the wings of the Dragons body. Using your glue stick glue down the centre of the Dragons body where it’s already folded. Place the head in one end and the tail in the other then pinch the body together to secure them. 

Now you are both ready to soar!
In the words of Mouse:
“Look how beautiful you have made everything, just by being yourself.”
Mama Hoglet. X