Hoglets craft - make a ladybird puppet

Hoglets Craft: Make a Chatty Ladybird Puppet

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We’ve been on the farm with Julia Donaldson’s WHAT THE LADYBIRD HEARD.
Here’s how you can make your very own chatty Ladybird puppet, to create your very own adventures with.
You will need: 
  • 2 Sheets of A4 card or equivalent sized scrap card.
  • Some felt tip pens 
  • A pair of scissors 
  • Two googly eyes

How to make your chatty Ladybird puppet

  1. Take one of your pieces of card and fold it over horizontally into a third, then glue it in place and leave it to dry.
  2. On the other piece of card draw a circle (roughly covering a 1/4 of the sheet).
  3. This is to make your wings. Cut out the circle and colour it any colours you like. Then cut it in half.
  4. Once it’s dried and stuck securely colour in the folded strip on one side. Then fold the strip in half making sure that the coloured side is on the inside. The fold both halves back on themselves to create a zig-zag to create the Ladybirds body.
  5. On the remaining card from your second sheet draw a long oval, no longer than half of the strip that forms your body. This will be your chatty ladybird mouth, cut it out, colour it in, fold it in half and stick it into the middle of your ladybird body.
  6. On the top fold of your ladybird’s body stick on the two googly eyes and then the wings and there you have it your own little spotty ladybird, but with a mouth as big as that I doubt it will say never a word. 
Mama Hoglet. X