Make A Butterfly Suncatcher

Hoglets craft: make a butterfly suncatcher!

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We love THE VERY HUNGRY CATERPILLAR – especially when he makes his magical transformation into a butterfly!
We’ve got a lovely craft to make a dazzling butterfly suncatcher to hang in your window.
Here’s how to do it at home.
You will need: 
  • A piece of black cardboard
  • A Pair of scissors
  • Some Sellotape 
  • A few different coloured pieces of tissue paper /thin paper/ cellophane.
  • A Pencil

How to make your Butterfly Suncatcher

  1. Using the pencil draw the outline of a butterfly onto your black card. Make it large enough to cover the entire piece. Then draw on the inside details you want to fill with colour.

  2. Cut out the butterfly outline and all the inside details.

  3. Take your tissue paper and rip it into strips. Turn over the butterfly and arrange the torn up tissue into patterns onto where you would like to add colour detail. Take the sellotape and secure the tissue to the back of your butterfly.

  4. Turn over your butterfly and trim off any overlapping sellotape and tissue from the outside edge of the butterfly.

  5. Now using sellotape or blue tac secure your butterfly to your bedroom window and watch the Summer Sunshine light up your butterfly wings.
Mama Hoglet. X