Hoglets story writing session

Hoglets class writes a brand new kid’s book!

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A very exciting thing happened at a recent Hoglets class. A brand new children’s book was written from scratch!Hoglets story writing session

This story was created in a special story-writing session of Hoglets Storytelling and Drama classes.

During the class, parents and little ones invented new characters and situations. They then drew illustrations for their characters.

The class then worked together using games and fun exercises to create a brand new story – all in the space of an hour!

The authors of this story are: Gabi and Josie, Sally and Billie, Abi and Isobelle and Janet and Beatrice with help from Mama Hoglet.

You can read and download the story right here:

[btn text=”Read ‘Benny the Bunny and the Carrot Caper’ here >” tcolor=#FFF link=”http://hoglets.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/2014/05/hoglets-bennythebunnyandthemagiccarrot.pdf”]