An original Hoglets play by Gemma Curry.

Hallowe’en Fairytales – for the not-so-sweet-and-innocent!

Maybe the sweet little cherubs in our favourite bedtime stories weren’t so sweet after all? And perhaps the wolf was simply misunderstood? Maybe the strange old lady in the gingerbread house was just trying to help some lost children? And that little imp spinning straw into gold was simply looking for a friend?
FAIRIETOLD - from Hoglets Theatre - Rumplestiltskin

Hoglets Theatre presents a deliciously dark, hilarious and imaginative new production, turning classic fairy tales on their heads, stealing what falls out of their pockets and running off into the forest laughing.

Expect wild characters, fantastical puppets, live music and a totally different look at some very familiar baddies.

FAIRIETOLD - from Hoglets Theatre - Hansel and Gretel
FAIRIETOLD - from Hoglets Theatre - Red Riding Hood

FAIRIETOLD is a play designed especially for primary aged children (with recommended ages being 5-11 years old – but everyone is welcome). 

Booking a performance

FAIRIETOLD performances can be booked for your school, group, venue or festival. 

We can also twin a performance with a specially designed interactive workshop.

For information on pricing or any other aspect please get in touch >

Behind the scenes

We know it’s fun to have a spy on what’s going into FAIRIETOLD so to keep you excited we’ll be posting up images from rehearsals, sneak peaks of new puppets and characters that will be joining us on our adventures!

Meet the Cast

Gemma Sharp

Gemma is the founder of Hoglets Theatre. She worked as an actor in Film, Theatre and TV for over 15 years. She founded Hoglets storytelling classes in 2013, following the birth of her first child. Since then Hoglets has expanded to original theatre performances, tours, schools and festivals workshops. Gemma loves puppets, Shakespeare and Iron Man.

Lara Stafford

Lara joined Hoglets in 2018 for their sell-out play Sea Storm in a Teacup. An actor and physics teacher, her company Theatre of Science designs science communication shows for children and adults in the York area. She loves fossil hunting, baking and the colour green. www.theatreofscience.co.uk

Anna James

Anna James

Anna is an actress, writer and director with over 15 years of experience. She's worked with Hoglets (and prior to that was a regular collaborator with our grown-ups theatre sister company Hedgepig Theatre). You might remember her from our recent Hoglets show Sea Storm in a Teacup. Anna loves cats, poetry and podcasts.


  • Gemma Sharp – Witch 1, Old Woman, Red Riding Hood, Rumplestiltskin
  • Lara Stafford – Witch 2, Gretel, Woodcutter, Amelia
  • Anna James – Witch 3, Hansel, the Wolf, the King


  • Written by Gemma Sharp
  • Costume by Julia Smith
  • Music by Andy Curry

Special thanks to:

Frances Postlethwaite and all at EXPLORE Libraries, Russell Dean at Strangeface Theatre

Praise for our previous productions

"My son loved the show! It was perfect for him, you were all so great! 🙂 We'll definitely be back for more! "
Sea Storm in a Teacup - a new Hoglets play by Gemma Curry
"With gorgeous mermaid puppets, shadow play, and music on toy saxophones, squeezeboxes and kazoos, this production is truly accessible and inspiring to young audiences"